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Tyson Fury Visits Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA

The Gypsy Kings Successful Visit to Bangtao

There were smiles all round last weekend after the Gypsy Kings successful visit to Bangtao. The former heavyweight world champion went above and beyond, making the day a special experience and one to remember for all involved. Take a look here at a glimpse of the day!

During Fury’s visit he kindly interacted with fans, posed for photos and signed autographs. The interview panel led by Bangtao head coaches, George, Frank, Woody and Alex was also a success and another opportunity for Fury’s fans to ask him questions about his boxing career, training routines and mindset. As witty and humble as ever, Fury entertained the audience with humorous anecdotes, as well as insightful and honest conversation. His interesting personality and infectious energy had all at the gym listening carefully to what he had to share, undoubtably inspiring the room. 

The Gypsy Kings Successful Visit to Bangtao. 

The highlight of The Gypsy Kings successful visit to Bangtao, was the once in a lifetime sparring session he offered to the audience. Unknown to the gym, he surprised everyone with the opportunity and 17 lucky fans stepped in the ring to test their skills against the best in the world. Fury displayed his mastery of the craft for nearly an hour of intense sparring, and once again had the audience in awe, this time at his stamina, skillset and most of all his generosity and kindness to engage in such a special experience for those involved. 

The Gypsy Kings Successful Visit to Bangtao

To finish off his visit, Fury decided to jump into one of the gyms ice baths, a practice favoured by many athletes to aid recovery. Without hesitation, he braved the icy waters completely unfazed, which once again provided another glimpsed into the immense physical and mental strength Fury possesses, further inspiring all who was watching. 

The Gypsy Kings Successful Visit to Bangtao

The Gypsy Kings successful visit to Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA left a lasting impression on both fans and the gym itself. His willingness to engage with the local community, spar with aspiring fighters and utilise the gyms facilities, demonstrated his genuine passion for the sport and dedication to inspiring others. The event will be remembered for years to come and as a day of inspiration and motivation for all those who were fortunate enough to witness the boxing legends visit first hand. 

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