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Frank Hickman, the head wrestling coach runs the elite wrestling program at Bangtao. With experience training some of the best fighters in the world, you will have access to the knowledge and high-level skills needed to progress in this demanding sport. From learning new techniques to controlled sparring, the classes are designed for professional athletes as well as beginners learning for the first time.

Train like a Champ

Frank Hickman, wrestling coach to UFC champions, including Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanovski will put you through your paces on the mat every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm. With his knowledge and experience, you will learn the fundamentals and advanced wrestling techniques for MMA that have helped numerous world champions across different organisations get to the top of their game.


Bangtao’s wrestling program has a heavy emphasis on technique and form, geared towards wrestling for MMA. It is no secret that wrestling has become one of the most significant and important skills to learn if you want to become a high level mixed martial artist. If you want a substantial competitive advantage in the cage and the ability to control the range at which the fight takes place, be it standing, clinching or on the ground, then this is the class for you.


Our wrestling classes are not only for professional fighters. Wrestling is a fantastic way to get fit, get strong, build confidence and learn new skills that you can take with you, into not only BJJ and MMA, but life in general. The classes are friendly and unintimidating, with everyone helping eachother to improve their skills.  You can learn from the ground up , so if you’re a beginner, come and start your wrestling journey. 


If you’re an elite fighter looking to focus on specific techniques or improve your takedown defence or a beginner looking to accelarate the learning curve, then book a private with Frank through our staff in the office at

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Frank Hickman

Head Wrestling Coach

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