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Whether you are a professional athlete or simply seeking to improve your overall fitness, our mobility classes provide a comprehensive approach to optimizing your body’s performance. Join us and experience the remarkable benefits of mobility training under the guidance of our dedicated Mobility Coach, Anwar.

The Power of Mobility

Mobility is key to enhancing athletic performance and overall fitness. Run by our Mobility Coach Anwar, these classes use a collection of different methods focused on relative strength, flexibility and stability exercises, along with breathing techniques designed to improve capacity, end range strength and reduce pain.


Benefits include improved mobility, enhanced strength, increased flexibility, and reduced pain. Additionally, flexibility exercises increase joint range of motion, enabling athletes to move more efficiently and reduce the risk of injuries. Stability exercises help develop a solid foundation, improving balance and coordination. The breathing techniques taught in our classes not only enhance lung capacity but also aid in relaxation and stress reduction. 


Monday: Mobility & Strength – Hip Focused
Wednesday: Mobility & Strength – Shoulder Focused
Friday: Mobility & Strength – Spine Focused
Tuesday and Thursday: Mobility, Rotational Movement & Core


If you need to work on something specific, recovering from an injury or you want more personalized coaching, then grab Anwar for private sessions. Privates can be booked through our main office at

Class Coach

Anwar Mobility Coach at Bangtao Muay Thai and MMA


Mobility Coach