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The Bangtao Guide to the Surrounding Area & things to do | Phuket, Thailand

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Welcome to Bangtao: A Great Place for Training and Fun

Bangtao is a special spot in Phuket, Thailand, perfect for people who love training and exploring. If you’re into Muay Thai or MMA and also want to enjoy your time outside the gym, this place is for you.

Local Area & Renting Scooters in Bangtao

Bangtao is full of cool places to see, and renting a scooter makes it easy to check them out. Scooters are a fun way to get around, and you can visit local cafes, markets, and beautiful spots on your own time. You can rent scooters through our gym, just get in touch with our friendly front office staff or email

Relaxation & Recovery

After intense training sessions, recovery is key. Our gym offers ice baths, an invigorating way to soothe your muscles and speed up recovery, ensuring you’re ready for whatever challenge comes next.

Ask about our ice baths at the front office!

Pam’s Massage & Surrounding Options

Just steps away from our gym, Pam’s Massage offers a haven of relaxation. Whether you opt for a traditional Thai massage or a sport massage, you’re in expert hands. The area around the gym and Bangtao beach hosts numerous massage parlors, each offering a unique touch to relieve your tired muscles. Take your time to find someone that you like (you can even ask for their name and request the same person later on).

KEDR Spa & Gym Club Spa

For those seeking a luxurious relaxation experience, KEDR Spa and Gym Club Spa offer a range of treatments in serene settings. From rejuvenating facials to deep tissue massages, these spas are the perfect places to unwind and recharge.

Check out KEDR’s Instagram page here.

You can find more information about Gym Club on their website.

Lemonade Club

A family-friendly spot, Lemonade Club is ideal for those days when you need a gentle, relaxing environment to unwind. With a focus on wellness and rejuvenation, it’s a great place to relax your mind and body.

Lemonade Club also has an Instagram page for you to look at.

Local Dining Options in Bangtao: A Guide for Healthy Eating

Bangtao is not just a haven for training enthusiasts but also a paradise for food lovers, especially those keen on maintaining a balanced diet while enjoying the local flavors. Here’s a look at some of the best spots to refuel and relax after a rigorous training session or a day out exploring.

Ringside Cafe

Nestled within the heart of the training community, the Ringside Cafe offers a welcoming space where you can enjoy freshly prepared, locally-sourced meals. From Thai to Western and European dishes, the cafe serves up a delicious range of options to cater to every palate. Whether you’re looking for a nutritious meal plan or just a casual dining experience, this cafe promises a healthy and tasty selection to keep you energized.

Porto de Phuket

Porto de Phuket offers a new dining experience with a vast array of flavors from around the world, all set in a modern warehouse-style décor. This destination allows visitors to eat, shop, and explore, featuring everything from handpicked produce to artisanal cheeses and indulgent comfort food. It’s a place where the choices for dining are limitless, perfect for those looking to explore global gastronomy in one spot​ (Central Department Store)​. For more detailed information, you can visit their website at Porto de Phuket Dining.


Bake is a beloved spot in Cherngtalay, known for its French-patisserie style pastries and daily baked artisanal bread. It’s a perfect place for any time of the day, whether you’re looking for a place to meet up, perk up, or fuel up. They offer a vast array of tasty foods alongside their signature pastries and bread, all complemented by freshly home-roasted coffee. With both al fresco and air-conditioned dining options, Bake ensures a pleasant dining experience for everyone​ (BAKE PHUKET)​. For more details, visit their website at Bake Phuket.

Boat Avenue

Boat Avenue in Phuket is a stylish destination that combines shopping with a variety of dining options. It has evolved into a trendy spot where locals and visitors can enjoy everything from Thai cuisine to European dishes, and even receive a Michelin plate recognition for some of its restaurants. It’s spacious and offers a relaxed atmosphere, especially with dining options by the lake. (Phuket 101)​.

Cafe Waya

Cafe Waya in Boat Avenue, Phuket, is celebrated for its welcoming atmosphere and diverse menu that caters to both Thai and international palates. Renowned for its breakfast and coffee, it provides a modern cafe setting ideal for a relaxing meal or a quick snack. With friendly staff and options for dairy and egg-free cakes upon request, it’s a great spot for health-conscious diners and those with dietary restrictions. For more information, visiting their Facebook page might provide the latest updates on offerings and visitor experiences.


Origami Cafe is known for its welcoming ambiance and varied menu that includes both starters and main dishes. It’s described as a friendly neighborhood cafe that caters to those looking for both traditional and innovative culinary experiences. The cafe’s design and atmosphere make it a popular spot for both locals and visitors to enjoy a meal or a casual coffee. For those in the Bangtao area looking for a cozy dining experience, Origami Cafe offers a mix of flavors that appeal to a wide range of tastes.


Bruschetta is run by a Thai family that lived in Germany for several years. They’re very friendly with a variety of dishes. Indoor and outdoor seating are both available.


Bartels in Bangtao, Phuket, is celebrated for its Scandinavian-inspired design, creating a wonderful atmosphere for social gatherings, informal meetings, or as a workspace. They specialize in artisan sourdough sandwiches, cold-pressed juices, excellent coffee, and freshly baked sourdough bread. Their dedication to quality is evident in their use of 100% natural fermentation sourdough and handmade processes, ensuring the bread is always fresh. For more details on their menu and locations, check out Bartels.


Not much internet presence. But the burgers, pancakes, and coffee are all popular. Baked goods are all homemade.

Millionaire Burger

Millionaire Burger offers a selection of unique burgers with creative names and delicious combinations, located conveniently for anyone visiting Surin Beach. The menu includes a variety of burgers such as the Original Millionaire and the Notorious P.I.G., alongside options like Loaded Fries. It’s praised for its convenient location, casual dining atmosphere, and quality ingredients​ (Where to Eat Phuket)​.


Unni’s is very popular for healthy options and Mexican food. Depending on the weeknight, they also have promotions for burgers, tacos, and burritos. Phil (the owner) often experiments with new dishes, so don’t be surprised to see new items on the menu from time to time. You can find them on Instagram here.

Kanin Cafe

Selection of coffee, pastries, and healthy food. Located in a scenic spot with outdoor seating. You can find out more from Phuket directory.

Have A Bagel Day

Located across the street from Boat Avenue, consider ordering for takeaway instead of dining in during peak hours because this place is tiny. Visit this place for bagels and coffee.

Little Paris

Little Paris Phuket offers a taste of France right in Boat Avenue Phuket, serving from 08:00 to 23:00. They provide a variety of French dishes and invite guests to make reservations to enjoy their culinary offerings​ (Little Paris Phuket)​. For more information, you can visit their website at Little Paris Phuket.

Moo Krob Thong Kham

Classic roadside Thai food. You can order a variety of pork or chicken dishes from this restaurant.

Baan Kway Teow

Cheap Thai noodle shop that’s very popular with the locals. It’s a bit farther away from the gym and harder to find, but consider ordering the khao soi noodles from this place.

La Vanille Ice Cream

La Vanille offers traditional ice cream crafted with natural ingredients, emphasizing quality, simplicity, and taste. They focus on pure and fresh ice cream, using the best ingredients for both classic and unique flavors. La Vanille has been committed to quality since 2008, catering to both professionals and individual customers with a range of delicious ice cream and sorbets​ (Lavanille)​. For more details, visit their website at La Vanille.


Gelatissimo Phuket is celebrated for its authentic gelato made fresh daily, offering over 40 flavors to choose from. They cater to all preferences, featuring shakes, decadent desserts, and hot coffee. Located in Choeng Thale, the store promises a delightful treat for every visitor​ (Gelatissimo Thailand)​. For more details, you can visit their website at Gelatissimo Phuket.

Phuket Coffee Lab

With a name like Coffee Lab, you’ve probably guessed that the main attraction is their coffee. They’ve also got some breakfast and lunch options depending on what you’re in the mood for.

Coffee Club

The Coffee Club at Boat Avenue is part of the Australian cafe chain known in Thailand for its comprehensive range of Western and Thai dishes, excellent coffee, and a welcoming atmosphere for both dining and socializing. While I encountered an issue accessing the detailed review, The Coffee Club locations generally receive positive feedback for their quality of food, service, and ambiance, making it a great spot for breakfast, lunch, or a casual meeting. For the most accurate and current information, visiting their official website or social media pages would be recommended.

Healthcare Facilities in Bangtao: Clinics and Hospitals

Whether you’re in Bangtao for training, leisure, or as a digital nomad, knowing where to find medical care is essential. Here’s a helpful list of healthcare facilities in and around the Bangtao area to keep you safe and healthy during your stay.

For all health insurance related considerations, visit this article.

Phuket BKK International Hospital

  • Website: Phuket BKK International Hospital
  • Services: Comprehensive medical services with a focus on international patients, offering everything from emergency care to specialized treatments.
  • Location: A short drive from Bangtao, providing easy access for urgent and routine healthcare needs.

Laguna Wellness

  • Part of Phuket BKK International Hospital
  • Website: Laguna Wellness
  • Services: Wellness and preventive medicine, including health check-ups, wellness programs, and rehabilitation services.
  • Special Note: Perfect for those looking to combine their holiday with a health check or for professional fighters focusing on their physical well-being.

Family Health Care Centre (Bluetree)

  • Website: Family Health Care Centre
  • Services: Family-oriented medical care including general practice, pediatrics, and health screenings.
  • Location: Conveniently located within the Bluetree complex, offering accessibility for families staying in the area.

Pharmacies Closest to the Gym: Rak Pharmacy Bangtao Beach

  • Location: X7PQ+98X, Choeng Thale, Thalang District, Phuket 83110
  • Google Maps: Rak Pharmacy
  • Special Note: Easily accessible for quick medical consultations and prescription needs. Knowledgeable staff can help with common ailments and provide advice.

Remember, for any medical emergency, it’s crucial to dial Thailand’s emergency number (1669) to receive immediate assistance. Stay safe and healthy in Bangtao!


Exploring Bangtao’s shopping scene is as much about discovering local treasures as it is about enjoying the area’s laid-back vibe. Whether you’re looking for souvenirs, groceries, or high-end fashion, Bangtao and its surroundings offer a variety of options.

Central Festival Phuket

  • Website: Central Festival Phuket
  • Highlights: A premier shopping destination offering a mix of international brands, local boutiques, dining options, and entertainment facilities.
  • Location: A short drive from Bangtao, making it an easy day trip for those looking to indulge in some serious retail therapy.

Robinson Mall

  • Website: Robinson Lifestyle Thalang
  • Features: A local favorite, combining affordable shopping with a selection of dining and entertainment options. Great for finding both international and Thai brands.
  • Special Note: Recently renovated, offering a modern shopping experience with traditional Thai hospitality.

Porto de Phuket

  • Website: Porto de Phuket
  • Unique Aspect: Blending outdoor shopping with high-end brands, local crafts, and excellent dining in an open-air setting. Perfect for evening strolls and leisurely shopping.

Supermarkets for Every Need

  • Choices Include: Villa Market, Tops at Porto de Phuket, 7/11 for quick grabs, Tesco Lotus for budget-friendly options, and Supercheap for a local shopping experience.
  • Tip: Visit Villa Market for imported goods and organic products, ideal for those with specific dietary needs or looking for a taste of home.

Markets for Local Experience

  • Friday Night Market at Boat Avenue: Ideal for experiencing local food, crafts, and entertainment in a vibrant atmosphere.
  • Saturday Night Market at Laguna: A larger setup than the Friday market, offering a wider variety of stalls and a lively ambiance.
  • Naka Weekend Market: A must-visit for the ultimate local shopping experience in Phuket, located a bit further from Bangtao but well worth the trip.

Whether you’re in Bangtao to relax, train, or work, taking time to explore the local shopping scene can add an enriching layer to your stay. From luxury malls to bustling markets, Bangtao offers a shopping experience that combines the best of Thai culture with international standards. Happy shopping!

Bangtao is not just about serene beaches and training camps; it’s also home to a range of attractions that offer insights into the island’s rich culture, history, and natural beauty. Here’s a guide to must-visit places.

Wat Choeng Thale

  • Description: This local temple embodies the spiritual heart of the area, offering a peaceful retreat and a glimpse into Thai Buddhism.
  • Tip: Dress modestly when visiting and try to catch the morning rituals for an authentic experience.

Phuket Old Town

  • Website: Phuket Old Town Guide
  • Highlights: Explore colorful Sino-Portuguese buildings, boutique shops, local eateries, and vibrant street art. It’s a cultural feast for the eyes and the palate.
  • Recommended: Visit during the Sunday Street Market to enjoy local foods, crafts, and performances.

Blue Tree Waterpark

  • Website: Blue Tree Phuket
  • Fun Factor: Offering thrilling water slides, a lazy river, and the impressive Crystal Lagoon for swimming and water sports, it’s a perfect family day out.

Phuket Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

  • Website: Phuket Elephant Sanctuary
  • Mission: Get up close with elephants in an ethical and compassionate environment. Learn about conservation efforts and the elephants’ stories.
  • Booking Advice: Reserve in advance to secure your spot in this meaningful interaction with nature.

Beaches Worth Visiting

  • Bangtao Beach: Known for its long stretch of white sand and excellent beach clubs.
  • Surin Beach: Popular for its clear waters, snorkeling, and trendy cafes.
  • Kamala Beach: Offers a more laid-back vibe, perfect for families.
  • Banana Beach: A hidden gem for those looking to escape the crowds.

Viewpoints and Natural Beauty

  • Promthep Cape: For breathtaking sunsets.
  • Karon Viewpoint: Offers panoramic views of Phuket’s west coast beaches.

Bangtao and its surrounding areas in Phuket are filled with cultural landmarks, natural beauty, and engaging activities that promise to make your stay memorable. Whether it’s immersing yourself in the local culture, enjoying the natural landscapes, or just exploring the streets of Phuket Old Town, there’s something for everyone to discover.

Nightlife and Beach Clubs in Bangtao: Where to Unwind After Sunset

Bangtao boasts an eclectic mix of venues that come alive as the sun sets, offering everything from laid-back beachfront sips to pulsating beats for dancing the night away. Here’s where to head when dusk falls.


  • Website: Maya Phuket
  • Vibe: A luxurious beach club experience with plush loungers, a swim-up bar, and DJs setting the mood with chill beats.
  • Special Tip: Perfect for sunset cocktails and evening parties under the stars.

Catch Beach Club

  • Website: Catch Beach Club
  • Highlights: One of Phuket’s original beach clubs, known for its stylish setting, international DJs, and vibrant beach parties.
  • Note: Reserve a table for dinner or a cabana for the ultimate beach club experience.

Lazy Coconut

  • Website: Lazy Coconut
  • Ambiance: Embraces a laid-back atmosphere with a focus on relaxation, good music, and great food.
  • Why Go: Ideal for those seeking a chilled-out evening by the beach with family or friends.

Hugo Hub

  • Facebook Page: Hugo Hub Phuket
  • Atmosphere: Offers a unique blend of dining, music, and socializing in a cozy yet chic environment.
  • What to Expect: Enjoy live music, creative cocktails, and an extensive menu that caters to all tastes.


  • Website: Nomad Beach Club
  • Experience: Boasts a serene beachfront location with a more intimate and personal vibe.
  • Tip for Visitors: Great spot for those looking to escape the larger crowds but still enjoy a vibrant beachside atmosphere.

After a day of training or exploring, Bangtao’s nightlife provides the perfect backdrop to relax, unwind, and connect with fellow travelers and locals. Whether you’re in the mood for a glamorous night out at a beach club or a more subdued evening enjoying the ocean breeze, Bangtao has something to suit every nighttime preference. Remember, while enjoying the vibrant nightlife, to respect local customs and regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.