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Peter Daneseo wins via flying knee KO on the Road to UFC.

Peter Danesoe Wins via Flying Knee KO on the Road to UFC

Bangtao’s rising star, ‘The Asian Viking’ Peter Danesoe, showcased his skills last weekend with an explosive flying knee KO on the Road to UFC tournament in Shanghai, China. Watch Peter’s flying knee knockout here.

Since moving to Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA, Peter has honed his striking skills and grappling techniques, continually pushing his physical and mental boundaries. Under the guidance of Bangtao’s coaches, he has fine-tuned his fighting style, blending traditional Muay Thai techniques with modern MMA skills, making him a well-rounded threat in the cage and a hot prospect on the MMA scene. 

Peter Danesoe wins via flying knee KO on the Road to UFC

Head coach George Hickman celebrates with Peter after his flying knee KO on the Road to UFC.

The textbook flying knee knockout, on top of his last 5 wins, has undoubtedly thrust Peter into the spotlight. His explosive fighting style and ability to deliver highlight-reel finishes has captured the attention of fans and industry insiders. And while Thailand boasts a rich history in combat sports, particularly in Muay Thai, male fighters from the nation have yet to break into the UFC. Peter aims to change this narrative and make history by becoming the first male Thai fighter to compete in the UFC and the combat sports community eagerly awaits his next move, as he continues to pave his way to the highest level of the sport.

Congratulations Peter, all at Bangtao are routing for you!

Follow Peters journey here.

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