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Best Places to Help You Rest and Recover in Phuket

Whether you’re at the beginning of your fitness/martial arts journey or an experienced fighter, rest and recovery plays a vital role in your training. Ensuring you get enough rest and are doing the correct recovery techniques is important and can be achieved in many ways. Saunas, ice baths, massages and active rest activities are some of the simple things you can do locally to Bangtao, so we have created a list of best places to help you rest and recover in Phuket.

KEDR Spa Phuket for Rest and Recovery

 KEDR Spa & Sauna

 Located only 10 minutes away from the gym, KEDR is a firm favourite for our athletes and visitors. With a sauna, steam room, hot and cold tub, KEDR has everything you need for pre and post training recovery. You can also refuel here with the tasty, healthy food boards they have to offer.

Herb Sauna

A hidden gem in Phuket, Herb Sauna is perfect for those who like to spend their rest days in nature. Cool off in the pool, sweat it out in the lemongrass sauna, have a massage whilst looking over the fish pond, or sit back and relax whilst listening to the birds sing in this little tropical paradise.

Herb Sauna for Rest and Recovery in Phuket

Pams Relax Massage

Conveniently located next door to the gym, Pams Relax Massage is a well-liked massage clinic for our visitors and locals. Whether you’re looking for pure relaxation or pain relief, the professional staff can cater for whatever you prefer. A deep tissue sports massage is a popular choice for our athletes on their recovery days to ease any muscle tension from training. 

Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA – Yoga & Mobility

Rest and recovery doesn’t always  mean getting a treatment or completely stopping. Active rest activities such as yoga or mobility are also great to encorporate into your schedule, as it is still important to maintain blood flow on rest days. Yoga poses and mobility movements help open up tight connective tissue, allowing blood flow to areas with poor circulation, keeping your muscles nourished and speeding up the repair process. You can find our Yoga and Mobility session times on our class schedule here.

Yoga Classes for Rest and Recovery in  Bangtao Phuket

ICE LAB Cryotherapy

Cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy has many benefits when it comes to whole body recovery. The Ice Lab at the Apex Medical Centre hosts Phukets only cryo chamber which drops to temperatures as low as -110 degrees celsius and is enjoyed by many athletes and fighters on the island. 

Ice Lab for Rest and Recovery in Phuket

On top of our best places to help you rest and recover in Phuket, also make sure you are keeping well hydrated, eating enough nutritious food and getting plenty of sleep. If you listen to your body and train smart with the correct amount of recovery, you will be able to get the most out of your training or camp with us and stay fighting fit for longer. 

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