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UFC Featherweight Champion Alex Volkanovski Hosts Groundbreaking Event at Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA

Volkanovski Shares Expertise and Inspiration During Exclusive Two-Day Event in Phuket

Phuket, Thailand – Former UFC Featherweight Champion Alex Volkanovski captivated martial arts enthusiasts during a two-day event at Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA on May 24 and 25, 2024. The event featured a Q&A session, photo opportunities, an open workout, and a seminar, drawing an eager crowd and offering unparalleled access to the renowned fighter.

Alex Volkanovski, the former UFC Featherweight Champion, engaged fans and fighters alike in an exclusive two-day event at Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA. The event began with an insightful Q&A session, followed by a photo opportunity with fans, an open workout, and a merchandise signing on the first day. The second day featured a hands-on seminar where Volkanovski shared his advanced techniques and training methods. The event highlighted Volkanovski’s dedication to the sport and his willingness to inspire and educate the next generation of fighters.

Q&A session with Alexander Volkanovski at Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA

Day 1: May 24, 2024

Q&A Session with Alexander Volkanovski

The event kicked off with a Q&A session where Volkanovski addressed a wide range of topics, including:

  • How to Prep for Large Events: Volkanovski shared his meticulous preparation strategies for major fights, emphasizing the importance of both physical and mental readiness.
  • Advice for Mental Health Challenges: He discussed the mental health challenges fighters face and offered practical advice for managing some of those challenges.
  • Development of MMA in Thailand: Volkanovski highlighted the growth of MMA in Thailand and its potential to become a major hub for the sport.
  • Advice for Beginners and Fighters Starting out: He provided valuable tips for those new to MMA, focusing on the importance of being coachable and really understanding the “why” behind the techniques.
  • Opinion on Disagreements with Coaches: Volkanovski shared his views on handling disagreements with coaches and the importance of communication and mutual respect.
  • Changes Over Time: He reflected on how his training and approach to fighting have evolved over his career.
  • Biggest Fear in Fighting: Volkanovski opened up about his biggest fear in fighting.
  • Curveball Question – “If You Were Abducted by Aliens”: In a lighthearted moment, Volkanovski entertained a whimsical question about how he would handle being abducted by aliens and which UFC fighters he would choose on his team to fight them off.
  • Size Considerations: He discussed how he uses his size and body type to his advantage in fights.
  • Weight Class Decision: Volkanovski explained his decision to settle at 145 pounds despite walking around at 214 pounds in his earlier days.
  • Technical Question on Islam Makhachev Fight: He provided insights into his strategy in his first fight against Islam Makhachev, particularly his shift into a southpaw low kick.
  • Thoughts on Islam Makhachev vs. Dustin Poirier: Volkanovski shared his thoughts on the potential matchup between Islam Makhachev and Dustin Poirier.
  • Advice on Overcoming Obstacles: He offered encouragement and strategies for achieving goals despite obstacles.

Watch the full Q&A with with Alexander Volkanovski Below

Photo Opportunities with Alexander Volkanovski

Following the Q&A, fans lined up for a photo opportunity with the champ. Professional photos were taken by Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA’s cameraman and are available in the gallery on Bangtao’s website.

Open Workout in the Cage with Alexander Volkanovski

Volkanovski then participated in an open workout session in the cage, demonstrating his skills alongside notable trainers and fighters:

  • George Hickman: Head MMA coach at Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA. George has coached numerous MMA fighters from just about every big MMA promotion. 
  • Ajarn Wat: Legendary trainer and renowned figure in the Muay Thai community, known for his exceptional coaching skills and close work with Muay Thai star Michael Savvas. His extensive experience and deep understanding of Muay Thai techniques make him a highly sought-after trainer.
  • Kaimookkao: Hailing from the prestigious Petchyindee Academy, has established himself as a formidable Muay Thai fighter with significant victories, including wins over the famous Rodtang. Originally from Buriram, Kaimookkao’s fighting style is characterized by his technical precision and relentless aggression, making him a standout competitor in the Muay Thai circuit.
  • Conor McBride: Head coach of Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA’s Western Boxing program. Conor has successfully integrated traditional western boxing into boxing for MMA, and teaches boxing for both styles during his classes
  • Kevin Parsons: Son of UFC fighter Jonny “The Sluggernaut” Parsons, who has been training Muay Thai at the gym while Jonny jumps into the MMA classes. Despite his young age, Kevin is showing great promise and dedication to the sport, following in his father’s footsteps and gaining valuable experience from training alongside some of the best fighters and coaches in the industry.
Alexander Volkanovski sparring with kid at Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA

The session concluded with a merchandise signing, allowing fans to get autographs from Volkanovski.

Day 2: May 25, 2024

MMA Seminar with Alexander Volkanovski

Volkanovski conducted a seminar focusing on advanced MMA techniques, including:

  • Angling Off: Techniques to create advantageous angles during a fight.
  • 1-2-3 Combo, Slip, and Shift: Combos with slips and shifts to create angles for additional strikes or leg kicks.
  • Anticipating Opponent’s Reactions: Strategies for predicting and countering an opponent’s moves.
  • Repositioning into Southpaw Stance: Tips for effectively switching stances to confuse opponents.

Volkanovski’s Biggest Fan: An Unforgettable Experience

Patrick, a devoted fan who created a video calling Volkanovski his favorite fighter and inspiration, had a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Bangtao team flew Patrick to Phuket, where he sat next to the cage during the open workout and took photos with Volkanovski. The champ even made a selfie video for one of Patrick’s friends, creating an unforgettable memory.

Patrick meeting his idol Alexander Volkanovski at Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA

In this current day and age of MMA entertainment where more and more MMA fighters say polarizing things in order to build their brand and get more attention from the media, Volkanovski has managed to reach his level of superstardom with minimal to no controversy in the news. This speaks volumes about his character beyond what we see on fight day.

“Alex [Volkanovski] is a unique MMA fighter not only because of what he’s achieved but in the way that he’s achieved it,” says Che Chengsupanimit, Assistant Wrestling Coach at Bangtao.

“He’s great with the fans, he’s very coachable in training sessions, and he’s very appreciative of his training partners. In the interactions I’ve had with him over the years, he’s always handled himself like a true professional. He’s a great role model and ambassador of MMA and Martial Arts in general, so I’m sure that’s partly why fans love him so much.”

Phuket, Thailand has become an increasingly popular place to train MMA and Muay Thai for tourists. Muay Thai has been part of Thailand’s history and culture for a very long time, but MMA has exploded in popularity in Thailand in the past decade. Multiple MMA gyms in Thailand have opened up in the past few years, and fight enthusiasts from all over the world have booked trips to destination gyms like Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA for a training holiday.

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