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Coach Peter Forneck, aka the Kettlebell King, will put you through your paces with his kettlebell  and conditioning program. Designed to improve your strength, conditioning and power, each class empahsises the importance of technique and intensity to improve your performance.

Kettlebells at Bangtao

The Kettlebell program focuses on 3 main areas of performance: strength, power and conditioning. Setup in 2-week intervals, the programming from coach Peter is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Starting with a dynamic warm-up, you will be instructed on the proper mechanics and movements that are later combined to form a fun yet challenging sequence.


Technique is key when it comes to kettlebell training, and mastering proper form takes both practice and quality instruction. With years of experience under his belt, head coach Peter Forneck will ensure that you learn the fundamentals and push you to progress as your strength and conditioning improves.


This class will get your heart rate up and challenged your entire body in a different way to other resistance training routines. From strengthening the key muscles of the lower body (glutes, hamstrings and quads) to challenging the muscles of the core and upper body (back, shoulders, forearms, triceps and biceps), kettlebells truly are a highly effective training tool for improving total-body strength.


Coach Peter is more than happy to arrange private lessons should you want to take your kettlebell game to the next level. Also be on the lookout in on our events page so you can join our next Kettlebell certification program.

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Peter Forneck

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